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Transportation to Treatment

Getting back and forth to cancer treatments can be a stress for many clients and families. Finding transportation or covering the expense of transportation can be difficult.  A Patient Advocate can help you identify resources to help with your transportation needs.

  • Volunteer Transportation—clients living in Davie, Stokes and Yadkin Counties may be able to receive help getting to radiation treatments from Cancer Services volunteers. Volunteer transportation is intended to support your current arrangement and is dependent upon volunteer availability.  Please give a 48 hour notice for requests.
  • Other Transportation Resources—A Patient Advocate can help direct you to community and national resources that offer financial assistance with treatment related transportation expenses. We can also help you identify resources in your community that offer transportation services.

Contact a member of our or call us at 760-9983 for transportation resources.

Volunteer drivers are needed to assist clients in Davie, Stokes and Yadkin Counties. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 336-760-9983 or by email for more information about becoming a volunteer.